In 2017

Pillai College of Architecture (PiCA), completed 25 years in architecture education.
To commemorate this milestone, PiCA & X-PiCAN would like to hold an exhibition of alumni works.

Come be a part of it!


Jan 12th –  14th, 2018

Mindscape: The Festival of Ideas,
CIDCO Urban Haat at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

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To provide a professional platform for the Alumni to connect and network.

Document & Exhibit

To document & exhibit what X-Picans have done after graduation in the following areas: Education, Practice, Industry, Business, Pedagogy, Research, Other Areas & Tangents.


To look at the exhibition as a tool to reflect & analyse the role of the institute & the state of the profession.

Influence the Future

To synthesise the data from the survey & exhibition to produce knowledge that can influence the future course of pedagogy & practice.


The survey & exhibition will be open to all X-Picans.

The categories under which one can exhibit are:



Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design


Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design


Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design

Allied Design

3D Visualizers, Photographers, Graphic Designers etc.

Pedagogy & Research

Teachers, Academicians, Research Scholars

Post Graduate Students

Students who have completed their post graduate courses


Artists, Actors, Software Professionals



If the work you would like to exhibit has been produced independently, great! You should have no challenge exhibiting it.


If the work you would like to exhibit has been co-created by you & produced by a team, please credit the entire team that has produced the work.


If the work you would like to exhibit has been produced by a practice/organization that you are/were employed with, you will need to go that extra mile. Please ensure that the organization has no reservations with you exhibiting the work. Also, please state your specific role in that piece of work.

Download the Consent Letter Format


This exhibition is meant to include ALL OF US! The exhibition should NOT be mistaken for a competition. The idea is to showcase the professional journey of each Alumni member. The categories have been devised to capture a wide cross-section of professional scenarios.

Let’s look at some of them.

PRACTICE | Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design (AECD)

If you are a founder/co-founder/partner in a practice, this one is for you. Exhibit one work & take us through the process or present multiple works as a showcase. The choice is yours!

If you do not want to limit the exhibit to a showcase of works, you can make an info-graphic about your practice & give us an overview. You can also combine these possibilities & create a unique exhibit.

If you are an employee in a practice, this one is for you too. Some riders are applicable though! The ‘consent & credits’ rider!

INDUSTRY | Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design (AECD)

A lot of us have taken positions in the AECD industry. You could be with a corporate or a project management company. You could be with a real estate conglomerate or advisory. You could be with the industry in other capacities. We are looking at folks who are contributing to AECD through their roles in the industry.

Take us through a work or multiple works. The ‘consent & credits’ rider is applicable to you too.

If you are having trouble with consent, no worries! How about making an info-graphic of your professional timeline with key works & description of your roles? There’s always a way out!

BUSINESS | Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Design (AECD)

Some of us have taken to businesses associated with AECD. This one is for you only if you are a founder/co-founder/ director or partner. You may have set up a building materials / products /accessories trading business. You may have started a manufacturing business – furniture / products etc. You may have got in to the contracting business. You have taken that big step, this one is for you!

Take us through your business & give us an overview of your company. Show us the products / services that you offer. This is your ‘about us’ page.


Photography, Communication Design, Animation ……… Have you taken to professional roles in Allied Design / Arts? If so, this set is for you.

How about showcasing your work – independent or otherwise?

If you would like to exhibit work done as an employee of a practice or organization, please follow the ‘consent & credits’ clause.


Many X-Picans have taken up pedagogical roles in various institutes. You can showcase the work that you have done independently or as the part of a faculty team. Showcase your response to curriculum design / process. You can also show student works & special projects as a response.

If you have undertaken some research project independently or as a part of an institute or collective, how about documenting it for the exhibition?

The ‘consent & credits’ rider will be applicable to all of you.

If you are having trouble with consent, there’s a way out! Make an info-graphic of your professional timeline with key works & description of your roles?


If you have a post-graduate academic qualification, you can exhibit your course work, thesis or dissertation. Your work along with the details of the institute/university, course & subject should be good for an exhibit.


Tangents as a category refer to folks who have left the AECD industry for greener pastures . You could be in software, civil services, economics, theatre, cinema …… anything but AECD. So bring on the rebels, the ripples from the pebbles!

Showcase your work – independent or otherwise.

Respect the ‘consent & credits’ clause!

Max. Two A1 Size Sheets / Person

Use pre-designed templates or design your own layout!


Participating in the exhibition is extremely simple. You can do so in 3 easy steps:


Download the exhibition template by filling up the form. You will receive an email with a link to download the fonts & Powerpoint file with the template (A1) options.


Follow the instructions mentioned in the first page of the presentation. Choose from the pre-designed set of layouts or create your own layout. Add your personal information mentioned in the footer of the PPT file.


After checking if all the details have been added, please upload the file using and share it with


Terms & Conditions
  1. Presentations submitted and the panels printed shall be the property of Pillai College of Architecture (PiCA).
  2. Wherever applicable the participants must ensure that the required consent has been taken and due credits have been shared for the work presented.
  3. X-Pican and PiCA reserve the right to edit / modify / reject the submitted presentations.
  4. X-Pican and PiCA is not liable for any disputes arising from the content presented by the alumni members for the exhibition.
Last Date for  Registration & Download

31 Dec. 2017
Last Date for  Uploading Entries

02 Jan. 2018


This exhibition is the beginning of bigger things to come. The intent is to take the exhibition to a public venue, culminating in an Alumni meet.

The response to the exhibition and the survey form will help us set sights on the next steps. At the moment November – December 2018, seems to be good window for the event.

Let’s get some good things going for the network, institution and the profession.

We look forward to hear from you on suggestion and ways to execute the plans. Please write to us at with your ideas.