X-Pican Alumni Meet 2018

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Initiatives & Collaborations

Alumni | Alma Mater | PiCA Students Council

PiCA Alumni Talks

This series marks the golden jubilee year of Mahatma Education Society, the umbrella institution above PiCA. This series aims to highlight and commend the myriad professional journeys and achievements of XPicans who are spread across the world and have made their alma mater proud with their good work.

X-Change Series

Spread all across the globe, at various levels of our career, we aim to bring together XPicans in this series. With the disruption brought by Covid-19, several projects have been impacted or stalled; salary cuts and job losses have become common. Architects are facing unprecedented challenges in their projects and practices. Bringing together a few alumni members in each session, we hope to understand the situation of architectural practice in the present and discuss potential challenges for architects in the future.

XPican Journeys

This series will feature XPicans with interesting career journeys. The interviews aim to support, guide, and inspire students at PiCA, and help them prepare for their future outside college. As alumni members, we have encountered similar challenges faced by the students—both in college, and on graduation. Listening and responding to our students’ doubts and fears, and sharing experiences on our journeys and careers can assist in strengthening confidence of our future alumni.

Formally established in 2011, X-Pican is the Alumni Association of Mahatma Education Society’s (MES) Pillai College of Architecture (PiCA), New Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

The association is registered under the Societies Act of 1860 (Registration No: Maharashtra/575/2011/Raigad).

Our Alma Mater

Aims & Objectives


To provide a forum for members of the association for interaction and to sustain a sense of belonging amongst the members of the Association with the Institute through mutually beneficial contacts.


To collect, publish & distribute information as may be useful to the members of the association & the Institute.

Value Creation

To develop the Association in a manner that creates value & contributes to the identity & brand of the institute in the public domain.

Professional Relationship

To organize programs that is relevant to the professional development of the members of the association and the institute.

Academic Relationship

To enable academic partnerships with the institute by drawing upon the members’ professional & academic experience.

Social Relationship

To engage with the institute & the public domain in a manner that is socially relevant.

Management of the Association

The management of X-Pican shall be vested in an Executive Committee. The current Executive Committee members include:


Principal, PICA

Vice President

Ajay Nayak


Kiran Keluskar

Joint Secretary

Sangeetha Solanki


Alankar Taishete

Joint Treasurer

Preeti Pansare


Abhishek Kadam
Rajesh Krishnan
Raj Singh

Ajay Pillai
Yatish Chavan
Ronjeta Gavandi

Jinu Kurien
Sarvesh Nandgirikar
Preeti Nayak